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Elusive Story Alt HerStory | Madame Curie

Elusive Story | 2019 April

Elusive Story is about turning Big Ideas into Human Scale Stories through provocative writing and avant garde photography. This month we’re examining the concept that your permanent legacy is determined by your actions, regardless of the era in which you lived. And we’re taking an unflinching look at the personal toll from the California wildfires.…

Elusive Story Alt HerStory | Madame Curie

Alt HerStory | Madame Curie

Madame Curie was shafted. Not once, but many times. Why? Because she was a female scientist in an era when only men had the capacity to do science. Discover a couple of new atoms—get ignored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Noble Prize in Physics). Make the immense leap in understanding of the nature…