Elusive Story | Robin Cisek | Dark-Pop Music

Robin Cisek | Dark-Pop Music | Elusive Story

Elusive Story.
Robin Cisek.

Elusive Story | Robin Cisek | Dark-Pop Music

Elusive Story | 2019 October
Robin Cisek | Dark-Pop Music
Story | Tom Libertiny
Photography | Debra Sabiston

Anachronous. In this age when there’s the need for one-word descriptions for everything and everyone, Robin Cisek is most definitely anachronous in the sense that she’s moving through time at a rate that’s different from most people. You get the sense when talking with her that she periodically touches down in our time and at other times she’s–elsewhere.

It also came from the thoughtful silences and intent listening that occurred during our scheduled 30-minute conversation. In a blink of an eye, our conversation went well over 90 minutes and could have continued for days.

Perhaps it’s her family’s historical background as Alberta Canadian Métis. Or it’s the broad-brush worldview of Canadians in general–polite, thoughtful, and generous.

The other sense that she leaves you with, both in conversation as well as though her lyrics and music, is that she’s been able to balance her emotionally charged life with personal strength. This is because she’s evolving as a person and songwriter, all the while developing a strong sense of awareness–about who she is, who she’s becoming, and what community means to her.

“This circle never ends, back and forth let’s not pretend.”
| From Concentric by Robin Cisek

The notion of Karma has been written about many times and it’s certainly relatable to all of us. But it takes an artist with keen self-awareness and the natural ability to write from the perspective of elsewhere to write about it in a unique way.

But before you think Robin’s songs are all PJ Harvey meets Amy Lee, in an unusual lyrical twist, she throws in these “sage” words |


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