Elusive Story | Katrina Van Tassel

Katrina Van Tassel | Spirit of Love | Elusive Story

Elusive Story.
Katrina Van Tassel.

Elusive Story | Katrina Van Tassel

Elusive Story | 2019 October
Katrina Van Tassel | Spirit of Love
Story & Photography | Tom Libertiny
Model | Jenna Ode
Costume Design | Andrew Martina
HMUA | Charlee HM
Assistant HMUA | Tracy Noe
Manicurist | Tiffany E. Smith
Master Gardner | Susan Libertiny
Prop Masters | Tom Libertiny and Anna Libertiny

“Help! Help!  I can’t breathe!”

Ludwig raced to my side.  <<Es wird dir gut gehen.>>  “You’re going to be fine.”

As I awoke my eyes searched Ludwig’s eyes.  “It happened again.  When are we?”

“Just where we were moments ago.”

“Not where but when?” I slowly asked again.


To be certain, I looked around.  Everything seemed to be normal. 

I saw the reassuring sight of the church’s garden surrounded by magnificent elm trees.  We were shaded from unseasonable cold rain blowing in from across the Tappan Zee.  The wind brought the wonderful smells of late summer and after a few minutes, I felt much better.

“No burning white light,” I murmured.

“No, it was just a dream,” Ludwig responded.

“Where were we in our discussion?” I asked.

“Our plan to allow education for all,” Ludwig replied.  “We must complete it within three weeks so there is a future for women.”

“Our logic is linear and well defined, and to us it’s transparent, but father will never agree; it’s not magnanimous,” I replied.

“Not magnanimous?  Katrina your father will agree to our plan precisely because it isn’t magnanimous.    Baltus Van Tassel’s only daughter could ask anything of him and he’d agree.”


“Who is Baltus…”


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