Elusive Story | Katrina Van Tassel

Elusive Story | 2019 October

Elusive Story | Katrina Van Tassel

Elusive Story | 2019 October
Katrina Van Tassel | Spirit of Love
Story & Photography | Tom Libertiny
Model | Jenna Ode
Costume Design | Andrew Martina
HMUA | Charlee HM
Assistant HMUA | Tracy Noe
Manicurist | Tiffany E. Smith
Master Gardner | Susan Libertiny
Prop Masters | Tom Libertiny and Anna Libertiny

Elusive Story

We turn Big Ideas into Human Scale Stories through provocative writing and avant garde photography. This month we’re discarding the idea that the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is merely a children’s ghost story.  And we’re taking a deep dive into the music and lyrics of Robin Cisek.

Katrina Van Tassel  |  Spirit of Love

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as told through the eyes of Katrina Van Tassel, the love interest of Ichabod Crane. In popular culture, Washington Irving’s story has been diluted into a simple Halloween ghost story revolving around the Headless Horseman. But within his book, Irving makes numerous references to the life and written works of Cotton Mather and his religious beliefs during the time of the Salem Witch trials through Crane. Here, Katrina tells her story through three eras including her experience with the ramifications of Mather’s teaching as well as the fundamental tenants of English Social Liberalism developed by Thomas Hill Green who in turn was influenced by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.


Robin Cisek  |  Dark-Pop Music

We went down the rabbit hole during our interview with singer | songwriter, Robin Cisek. From Silver, her first song, to her newly released Concentric—join her as she shares the winding path that took her from surviving a horrific medical condition to becoming an artist who is firmly in the driver’s seat.


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