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Elusive Story | Katrina Van Tassel

Elusive Story | 2019 October

Elusive Story We turn Big Ideas into Human Scale Stories through provocative writing and avant garde photography. This month we’re discarding the idea that the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is merely a children’s ghost story.  And we’re taking a deep dive into the music and lyrics of Robin Cisek. Katrina Van Tassel  |  Spirit of Love…

Elusive Story | Katrina Van Tassel

Katrina Van Tassel | Spirit of Love | Elusive Story

Elusive Story. Katrina Van Tassel. “Help! Help!  I can’t breathe!” Ludwig raced to my side.  <<Es wird dir gut gehen.>>  “You’re going to be fine.” As I awoke my eyes searched Ludwig’s eyes.  “It happened again.  When are we?” “Just where we were moments ago.” “Not where but when?” I slowly asked again. “1787.” To…