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Elusive Story.
The alternative history of Madame Curie.

Elusive Story

Elusive Story | 2019 April
Alt HerStory | Madame Curie
Story & Photography | Tom Libertiny
Models |
Historical Madame Curie | Nadia Briann
Future Madame Curie | Mallory Chaudoir
Scenic Design | Brian Dambacher
Costume Design | Matthew F. Richmond
Key HMUA | Charlee HM
Assistant HMUA | Lexi Barrow and Carla Vitale

Madame Curie was shafted.

Not once, but many times.


Because she was a female scientist in an era when only men had the capacity to do science.

  • Discover a couple of new atoms—get ignored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Noble Prize in Physics).
  • Make the immense leap in understanding of the nature of radiation and write many papers on what was to become the underpinning of particle physics and quantum mechanics—get ignored by your scientific peers.
  • After your husband dies, start a second career as the developer of a portable x-ray machine that saved thousands of French soldier’s lives during World War I—get ignored by the French government.

I know what some of you are thinking: “…here we go again, another feminist screed.”

That’s not it at all.


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Elusive Story | Video | Behind the Scenes

Video capture | Jason Teets
Video editing | Tom Libertiny


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