Elusive Story Alt HerStory | Madame Curie

Elusive Story | 2019 April

Elusive Story.
Alternative history of Madame Curie.

Elusive Story Alt HerStory | Madame

Elusive Story | 2019 April

Elusive Story

We’re about turning Big Ideas into Human Scale Stories through provocative writing and avant garde photography. This month we’re examining the concept that your permanent legacy is determined by your actions, regardless of the era in which you lived. And we’re taking an unflinching look at the personal toll from the California wildfires.

Alt HerStory | Madame Curie

The concept that a person’s legacy is to be judged within the context of the era during which they lived is nonsense.

This has come into focus in part due to the Me Too Movement.

But, there’s been considerable pushback in some quarters that find it unreasonable to judge a person’s legacy based on the recent moral clarity we’ve gained–regardless if the person in question’s actions were taken 10 years or 100 years in the past.

A positive example of moral clarity is the story of Madame Curie and her husband.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Curies were in the vanguard of scientific achievement. But, as a woman, Madame Curie received nearly no recognition for her groundbreaking work until she and her husband demanded that she be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903.

Through their actions, they set the ethics bar where it is today.

But what would have happened if that bar had already been set during Curie’s time?

We examine that concept and outcome in Alt HerStory | Madam Curie.



Each year millions of acres of forest are destroyed during the California wildfire season.

But what does it feel like to live through a wildfire that’s literally approaching your doorstep?

We take an unflinching look at the personal toll in Kindling.


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